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MEL Jewelry is a small family business run by Latinas, mom-daughter team, Marta and Elymar. MEL Jewelry was born as a necessity. As a way for a mother to reinvent herself and integrate herself into a new society. 

In 2014 at the age of 62, I had to relocate from Venezuela to the United States, leaving everything behind; my home, my culture, my life, to start a new life with my daughter and her family. I was an immigrant who needed to find my voice again. A voice that could connect with this new country, new traditions, new ways of life and new people. Making jewelry empowered me to start a new life. My daughter, Elymar, one of my biggest advocates, who is a mom herself of two amazing kids, Lucia and Matthias, found a new passion while helping me find my voice. While she still works in the medical field as a pediatric cardiac sonographer during the day, Ely has joined me on this journey and we are now building a dream together.

Becoming part of a new culture while keeping alive the warmth of our South American roots have been the powering force behind our creations. We believe that through art we can build bridges with people from different cultures and different walks of life.

 MEL Jewelry is for every woman, man and non-binary person who values the uniqueness of slow crafted jewelry, sustainability and cultural diversity. In our home studio in Maryland, we design and craft timeless contemporary jewelry, inspired by nature and life, favoring recycled and upcycled materials and ethically sourced semi-precious stones. All of our pieces are carefully crafted using traditional and modern techniques. We strive to create collections that include a variety of statement and minimalist designs that will not only highlight your uniqueness and beauty but will also make you feel great.
Marta and Elymar

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